Monitored: How Amazon Undermines the Safety of Workers and Our Communities (Report)

May 10, 2022

About the Report (Download the Report as PDF)

Over the last year, Amazon’s needless abuse of power over workers, communities of color, and small businesses put it in the center of investigations, state and federal oversight, legislative action, and civil society campaigns. Amazon’s continued failure to address these abuses is resulting in escalating actions to hold it accountable across major areas of its business operations, including: logistics, the online marketplace, and Amazon Web Services.

Now, in response to Amazon’s continued inaction, investors, warehouse and tech workers, and community members are making the company’s annual meeting into a referendum on whether Amazon will be allowed to continue to disregard worker safety and the rights of communities of color.

This report focuses on Amazon’s corporate practices and impacts in two areas where Amazon workers themselves have raised the alarm:

  • Unsafe working conditions in Amazon warehouses, where the rates of injury, turnover, and reports of retaliation greatly exceed industry rates, year after year.
  • Amazon’s expanding technology partnerships that undermine the rights and safety of communities of color.

In both cases, Amazon is using its market power to reshape society to suit its business needs, often at the expense of workers and communities of color, while ignoring or failing to address the concerns raised by civil society.

Shareholders and board members have a responsibility to hold Amazon accountable.